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Air Duct Cleaning


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An air duct can easily build up dust and still provide an environment where mold grows. So you need a good HVAC cleaning system to remove such particles. This will, in turn, allow you to receive fresh and quality air in your house. You will have good airflow, and your electric utility bills will also reduce. EPA says you need to clean air ducts during mold and rodent infestation. 

What Time should you Clean the Air Ducts? 

HVAC systems with a lot of dust and mold can be costly to you and lead to low-quality air in your house. Get professional air duct service cleaners because they have the required experience to do this job in minutes. They are trained to clean the air ducts properly. 

EPA says you must clean up air ducts any time when needed. Below are the times when you have to clean air ducts. 

  1. Mold growth 

Mold growth in your air ducts is very dangerous and slowly builds up. There are two main reasons you can have mold growth inside your HVAC system. The first one is the condensation inside the system. Poor insulation inside the air duct is what causes condensation hence a good environment for mold to grow. 

Dirty HVAC filters also lead to mold growth inside the air duct. These filters are designed to trap mold spores in the air. You must regularly replace these air filters so that the whole system can be effective. 

Allow a professional to remove the mold inside the air ducts because if not well removed can lead to mold spreading. 

A professional will do a mold test before attempting to remove it. Doing so makes sure the mold does not come back. Make sure there is no moisture so that mold does not grow again in the system. 

  1. Rodent infestation 

The HVAC system can be a good place for rodents and pests to hide. These creatures leave behind vermin feces and urine that can be a big health problem to human beings. 

Research shows that rodent feces and urine exposure can lead to allergies and sometimes asthma attacks. A professional will remove the feces and cover up areas leading the rodents to the inside. 

  1. Dust 

The dust build-up is the same as mold, which means that the air filters are not working well inside the HVAC system. Try your best and frequently replace the air filters so that they do not clog up. 

A blocked air filter means that the dust is not being filtered out of the system. This can also be dangerous, meaning that many dust particles are released into the living space. 

Importance of cleaning Air Ducts 

There are two main benefits of air duct cleaning. First, you are assured of good quality air in your house, and it will save you a lot of money. All those living in that space will enjoy the improved air quality. 

Ensure the filters are not clogged so that the airflow can be free. Clogged air ducts and filters contain pollutants that can cause respiratory problems. 

You can also support the air duct cleaning by doing some dryer vent cleaning and mold inspection. Opening windows will also help the process. 

The HVAC system works by drawing in air and blowing it over hot or cold coils, and releasing it in the room. So if dust accumulates on the coil, it will use more energy to heat the coil. Hence more electric bills. 

Doing some system cleaning will make the whole thing work well and save you a lot of money. 

The Cleaning Process 

Air duct cleaning is an easy process but leave it to the professionals to do the job. A professional will ensure that almost all parts of the system are cleaned. The important parts of an HVAC system that should be cleaned are coils, drain pipes, air ducts, air cleaner, air filters, registers, grills, blower motor, and heat exchanger. 

First, you have to loosen the contaminant using brushes or compressed air. Then collect the contaminant; this is done by putting the system on the negative pressure that prevents the contaminants from spreading. 

Make sure you hire a professional with good cleaning equipment. Sanitizing equipment is also important to remove micro bacteria. 

On average, the cost of cleaning the air duct is between $270 and $485. This cost increases with the amount of dust or mold in the air duct. Rodent feces and mold increase the cleaning cost because of the antimicrobial chemicals. The extra steps of using the chemicals make it cost more. 

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