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Are House Fires Preventable? 7 Tips Of Doing It Right


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Fire and smoke damage are the worst. They can easily make you lose memories you have created in a house or even vital documents. As much as fire damage can help restore your home to looking good as before, sometimes it is best to put measures in place to prevent fire damage. 

Here are quick tips to help you understand how to prevent house fires;

  1. Test smoke alarms periodically 

Smoke alarms are vital for alerting you of a possible fire outbreak in the house. However, people tend to forget that they run on batteries. So, you should always check the batteries and replace them where necessary. 

Also, you could do a routine check to see if the alarm is still in good condition. Luckily, those with Wi-Fi capability can easily warn you in the event the battery level is getting low. 

  1. Check the heating sources performance

Heating equipment is the top cause of fire damage in American homes according to the National Fire Protection Association. The heating equipment includes space heaters, fireplaces, and central heating systems. 

When you have a fault in such systems, you might easily encounter fire damage. An example is when you have an unattended fireplace. It can easily lead to fire damage if you are not careful. 

We recommended you keep the flammable objects away from the heating equipment to minimize the chances of a fire. 

  1. Maintain a clean oven or stove

The food particles can accumulate at the bottom of the burner over time. Such particles can interfere with the working of the stove and stones leading to fire accidents. So, it should never get to this point. You need to clean your stove or oven more often. 

You may also want to consider keeping the curtains from getting too close to the stove or oven. Some of the curtains are made of materials that can easily combust and lead to fire damage in the house. 

  1. Maintain your dryer 

You may have not known this, but dryer fires are quite common too. It is estimated that 2,900 dryer fires occur in homes each year in the US. So, you should take note of the maintenance of your dryer. 

The dryer fires occur mostly due to clogged filters and vents. Inspect your dryer after every few months and have it maintained properly. Ensure to follow the directions of the manufacturer to ensure the best maintenance. 

Ensure that you also remove the lint or small clothes at the back of the dryer before you can start using it. It helps in ensuring the machine operates correctly. 

  1. Take care of the appliance cords

The basic rule of using appliances is never to have too many appliances connected to one outlet. You are likely to overload the outlet. Also, the cords get jumbled making it hard to manage the appliances better. 

You should also avoid using appliances with chewed or frayed cords. It might be the appliance is just old or your pets have done a number on it. It only takes one spark of the exposed wires to end up with fire in the house. 

Cord placement is also important. Stop running the cords under a mat or rug. Some appliances draw a lot of current leading to the cords getting hot. It is possible to prevent possible fire outbreaks if you can avoid running the cords this way. 

  1. Proper storage of flammable products

Hair products should always be stored properly and away from the heating equipment. This also applies to many other flammable products. 

Always check the label on the product to know if it is flammable or not. You are advised to keep these products in a cool and dry place. This keeps them from easily starting a fire.

  1. Take note of candles 

Candles are commonly used during the festive season or can be used when there is power in the house. Whichever the case, you should always practice caution while using them. 

You should always put out the candles before leaving the room. In case you want to sleep, ensure you blow them out too. 

If you can get an area far from flammable objects the better. This would serve as a spot for holding the candle. Finally, you should always keep the lit candles from pets and children. 

  1. Get a fire extinguisher

It was not an option to forget about the fire extinguisher. A fire extinguisher is vital for easily putting out a small fire. It can be the difference between saving your house and losing it. 

Take note that fire extinguishers also expire. You should then replace them in case they expire. Also, have the pressure gauge inspected to always read the fire extinguisher contents correctly. 

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