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Broken‌ ‌and‌ ‌Damaged‌ ‌Pipes‌


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Broken and damaged pipes are some of the leading reasons people experience flooding in their homes. It is concerning when sometimes such water damage could be avoided, but someone decided to ignore it altogether. 

We highlight some of the reasons why you may experience broken and damaged pipes while at the same time seeing how to prevent it from happening. 

Why Pipes Break 

Pipes can break due to many things happening around us. Some things are preventable, while others might not be so easy. Below are what might cause the pipes to break. 

  1. Too much water pressure 

Water pipes are designed to work under certain water pressure. When the water is supplied past the recommended pressure, expect that at times bursts can happen. Ensure that you do not open the valve completely, letting the water into the house with high pressure. 

  1. Freezing temperatures 

Freezing temperatures will increase pressure in the pipes. Also, when water freezes into ice which expands and can burst the pipes. This mostly happens to the improperly insulated pipes. Most of the pipes used in colder climates will be insulated to deal with the temperature changes, especially during winter. 

  1. Aging and corroded pipes 

Corroded pipes can also lead to water damage as corrosion and aging generally make the pipes weaker. The unfortunate thing is that such water damage can happen without warning. However, it may start as a small leak and worsen with time. 

If you live in an area that still uses copper pipes, have them inspected and replaced if any have corrosion. 

  1. Clogs in the pipes

Of course, clogs in the pipes can easily damage your pipes. These foreign substances block the water pathway meaning there can be increased water pressure in the pipe. An increase in the pressure would potentially lead to broken pipes. 

Some of the things that can lead to the pipes clogging include dirt, soap, food waste, toys, toilet paper, and so much more. Ensure that nothing foreign is going down the drain. In case you have kids, teach them about keeping the toys from going into the drain. 

  1. Tree roots and shifts in the soil

You may get that tree roots and shifts in the soil can also lead to broken pipes. An example is when the roots of a tree growing close to the underground pipes. The roots can puncture through the water pipes leading to water damage. 

Soil shifting can do the same to the water pipes. However, ensure that the soil is compacted enough to avoid shifting easily.

How to Keep the Pipes from Breaking 

You are always advised to take preventative measures to keep the pipes from breaking with ease. Here are some bright ideas to use;

  • You can winterize your home. This ensures that the frozen pipes will not burst easily as before. You could also seal the openings and cracks around your home. This is especially around the basement to prevent possible flooding. 
  • Prepare for storms or freezing temperatures. Here, you should keep the faucets dripping. Such will keep the water from freezing and possibly build unnecessary pressure.
  • The old copper pipes should be replaced. Plumbers can assess the condition of your pipes and advise on whether you should replace the pipes or not. 
  • Install a moisture alarm in the house. The same goes for a flood sensor. Whenever water is dangerously high, you would be notified to take the appropriate steps to minimize water damage. 

Hire A Water Damage Restoration Expert for the Best Fix 

If you want the best fix for broken and damaged pipes, always consult a professional. A plumber can be a good start to help keep the pipes from breaking again. You need a professional in the water damage restoration business to do a good job restoring your home correctly. 

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