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Water damage can be devastating but quick action will help you minimize the damage to your home. With the help of a professional, start the water restoration process immediately to reduce the impact on your home, family and life. Are you experiencing a home damage emergency? Get Water Damage Help Now

What is Carpet Water Damage?

A carpet can easily help you feel warm and cozy each time you step on it. However, sometimes a water spill can lead to carpet damage because of how highly absorbent carpets are. As much as a minor spill might be easy to manage, you would not say the same for a burst pipe flooding the carpet. 

Carpets should not be exposed to water for over 72 hours since this can make them a breeding ground for mildew and mold. These two may easily lead to health implications, including respiratory illnesses. 

Potential Causes of Carpet Water Damage

Carpet water damage can occur due to many reasons. Below are the top reasons you might have carpet water damage;

  • Pipe leaks 

You may have experienced this probably once in your life. It could be a burst pipe, faulty air conditioner, and other plumbing leaks. You are advised to look for the source of such leaks and repair them before they can cause additional damages. 

  • Damage to the foundation 

Structural and foundation leaks will commonly occur after a huge storm, heavy rains, floodwaters, and maybe the structure is just old. 

Be on the lookout for leaks bringing the water into the house. Watch out for stains mostly on ceilings, drywall, or roof. When you see such signs, you should contact a water damage restoration company to come and help with the restoration process before the damage worsens. 

Signs You Have Carpet Water Damage

One of the most obvious signs is that you will see the carpet is wet. When you notice such, you need to act fast. This is because wet carpets can easily get challenging, and this is not what you want at this point. 

Here are additional signs for you to watch out for;

  • The carpet is discolored or faded

When water sits in the carpet long enough, you should expect that the carpet will start to get mold and mildew. That is not all, as the carpet patterns can also be affected, leading to discoloration or fading. When you notice there is a change in your carpet color, take a closer look to establish what could be the issue. 

  • Musty or funky odor 

This is more like the most common way of saying something is damp for most people. The musty odor gets stronger as the carpet continues to be wet. You will always notice the smell each time you step into the room. So, it is time to start cleaning and restoring your carpet, plus addressing the leaks. 

  • Puckering or wrinkling of a carpet 

When the carpet is wrinkled, it is still a potential sign of water damage under it. Such only happens when your carpet adhesive is damaged and can no longer hold the carpet together. 

Each time you notice buckling on your carpet, peel it back to see if it is wet and take the necessary steps to dry it. In case you also notice the subflooring is also wet or warped, it is a strong indicator there is water damage around the area. 

Repair Costs for Carpet Water Damage

Carpet water damage repairing costs can vary a lot. The price will largely depend on how bad the damage is on the carpet. If the carpet has had water sitting in it for a while, you should expect it to be moldy. Well, such a repair can be costly. 

You may need additional repair other than just padding the carpet. The worst is when your carpet is faded or discolored due to water damage.

We estimate the cost will be close to $6 per square foot in case of black water damage. Cleaning greywater will be cheaper at around $3 per square foot. So, let the restoration company do the assessment and give you the best quotation depending on the job.

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