Wind Damage

Wind damage is a real phenomenon that can make you lose your property and endanger your family. Any homeowner must be ready to handle wind damage, especially if you stay in an area prone to such conditions. Wind damage can be said to be a super-strong thunderstorm or windstorm. It can also include tornadoes and […]

Storm‌ ‌Damage‌

The after-effects of the storm can be frustrating leaving families under huge stress. However, you can prepare in advance to deal with storms and keep the effects minimal. There are storm restoration experts to help restore your business or home to normal operations. The storm damage can be in different forms;  Wind and roof damage […]

Roof Damage

Windstorm is the main cause agent for roof damage. Hurricanes and tornados can also lead to roof damage. Any wind speed above 50mph can cause very bad damage to your roof. It can remove several shingles up to the whole roof being blown away. Coastal regions are the ones prone to windstorms destroying the roof.  […]

Hurricane Damage

Hurricanes refer to the strong, rotating storms that bring heavy winds and rain with them. They can cause severe damages to buildings in an area. They come from the oceans, where they gain strength from the warm ocean air.  Hurricane Katrina is a good example of how catastrophic these winds are. In 2005, it caused […]

Disaster‌ ‌Response‌

Natural disasters are bound to happen in any place. They come with physical, emotional, and financial damage to people. The normal daily routine will also be destroyed. Fortunately, there are disaster response teams set up by governments to deal with any natural crisis. They will help families get through the trying times.  Here is a […]

Blizzard‌ ‌Damage‌

Every year, winter storms are expected to happen. However, blizzards are the most serious of the winter storms. They are characterized by freezing rain, heavy snow, and strong winds. The visibility during blizzards is also very poor and can last up to 3 hours.  These snow storms can be catastrophic to the house physically. The […]

Asbestos Dangers

A few years back, it was discovered that asbestos is dangerous to human health. Storm damage can expose you to the dangers of asbestos. It can bring this dangerous material close to your family. But do not worry; some experts are trained to remove asbestos material from your home.  The asbestos material disperses particles into […]