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Commercial Water Damage


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Commercial water damage means that it happens in office blocks and other buildings you would mostly use for business. When such damage happens, you can easily see how it may hamper your business operations. Sometimes it can lead to possible health risks for the occupants in the building. 

We will go through the most common types of commercial water damage and how best they can be identified in good time. Sometimes early repairs can help save a lot and keep the businesses open. 

Causes of Commercial Water Damage 

  • HVAC leaks 

Most office blocks would have HVAC systems. These systems are vital for controlling air quality and the temperature inside the building. The HVAC systems can accumulate condensation, which clears, but the system can get faulty, leading to leaks. 

When leaks occur, they can deteriorate the structures because they are always being soaked. Also, the water in HVAC systems can be an environment where mold thrives. Regular maintenance of the HVAC systems is necessary to avoid such water damage. 

  • Damaged foundation

Foundations are normally built to be watertight, but the weather and other environmental factors can sometimes lead to damaged foundations. An example is flood damage which might affect your foundation if the floodwater is not cleared fast. 

Water will expand when it freezes. This can lead to cracks in your foundation. As such, water starts to seep into the foundation. It is expected that the foundation might end up with serious structural damage if this is not corrected in good time. 

  • Damaged roof 

Heavy rainfall coupled with other harsh weather elements may damage the roof. The worst is when you have faulty roof drainage too. When the roof cannot handle excessive rainfall, sometimes you can experience leaks in the building. 

When the damage happens over the weekend, its effects are expected to be worse. This is because not many people might notice it for repairs until it is Monday. 

This damage can also have additional damage. This includes damage to the ceilings and also mold growth. 

  • Plumbing leaks 

Plumbing leaks are probably the most common in a commercial setting. They do happen because of burst pipes or rupture of hoses in the building. The failure in the fire-suppression sprinkler system would also easily lead to water damage. 

The freezing temperatures of winter can also have some damages to the pipes. So, you are advised to check the pipes for visible damage or pools of water around the building. 

Stagnant water can often lead to mold. So, watch out for musty smells in different parts of the building. 

Downsides of Commercial Water Damage

Like any other type of water damage, you should expect that it would impact businesses and people using it daily. Some of the downsides of this water damage are;

  • Expect property and equipment losses
  • The mold is a health risk factor to keep in mind 
  • Some damages are expensive leading to hefty financial costs 

Commercial Water Damage Prevention 

Water damage can sometimes be prevented. However, this means taking preventative steps. A good example is regular inspections of the building to ascertain the need for repairs. 

Ventilation and humidity control systems are often overlooked. You should ensure such systems are installed and correctly serviced to protect the rooms from possible mold growth. 

It would be nice also to have a valid insurance policy for such type of damage. Sometimes the damage can be immense, and starting all over is not easy. 

Consider working with a professional in the water damage restoration sector to do proper inspections and make early repairs where possible. 

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