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Fire Damage Repair Process


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Once you have gone through fire damage, the next logical step to take is the repair process. This process involves several steps to restore your house to look good as before. The trained personnel will be involved in removing water, smoke, and soot as a result of fire damage. 

One of the things you should act fast upon includes water. When water is left sitting for too long, it may lead to water damage. Water damage would then lead to mold development. Do not forget the smell also. 

Let us see what the process will be like below. 

Steps Involved in Fire Damage Repair Process

  1. Initial inspection 

Only after the initial inspection can the scope of fire damage be determined. Sometimes the inspection shows that there is also structural damage. This would generally mean more work, but it is better to be safe than sorry. 

The inspection also lets the restoration company know what kind of professionals to involve. It could be roofers, carpet installers, carpenters, plumbers, and more. Having a general contractor on your site can help oversee the whole restoration process. 

The initial inspection will be done fast because delays could lead to other potential damages such as water damage. 

  1. Safety first 

So, the initial inspection would also involve looking at some of the unsafe areas of the house. Such places may be sealed off to keep people out. It might be that the place is full of hazards which might lead to health issues. Also, such rooms would be given priority to ensure that the safety of the site is well-maintained. 

  1. Removing soot and debris

Your home will also be covered in soot and other debris from the fire. The repair technicians will make it a priority to remove as much soot and smoke as possible. 

The cleaning process involves scrubbing the walls and ceilings to remove soot and then applying deodorant products to remove any odor too. Using their air scrubbing technology, you can find that your furniture will also be free from soot. 

  1. Water damage repair and sanitation 

When smoke and soot have been cleared, it is now the turn of the water removal team to start working on the water-damaged areas. This mostly involves removing standing water to avoid possible further water damage. 

You can also come across specialized equipment such as dehumidifiers, fans, and air movers as the popular choices for water removal. This whole process also helps prevent mold growth, disinfect the house, and prevent potential damage to the home’s structure. 

The aim is to always help salvage anything from the house, including furniture, drywall, flooring, upholstery, and more. The team will also neutralize any odors that might be on the items. 

  1. More repairs 

More repairs would be done to the property to deal with any additional damage as a result of fire damage. It may involve reconstructing the physical structure of the house. 

The repair technicians will have to create a list of repairs. This would include installing new flooring, fixing the damaged pipes, replacing windows in addition to doors, replacing drywall, and more. 

Any professional restoration company would have skilled workers who can do a good job. As the property owner, you do not need to worry about doing such repairs on your own. 

The Duration 

How long it takes to repair the damage will mostly depend on how bad the fire damage was. Such include how much soot, water, debris, or smoke has to be cleaned. Also, the contractors can determine the timeframe. If they are fast, the cleaning takes less time. 

Minor drywall repairs can only take a few days. The worst is when you need to deal with a large property with several floors. Sometimes it may take weeks to complete the restoration process. 

Do not forget about the number of days also involved in inspecting the damage before repairs can start. 

Hire a Professional Fire Damage Restoration Company 

It is always nice dealing with a professional fire damage restoration company. The restoration process will be swift and done right when you get a good restoration company. Ensure you go through testimonials to find a reliable fire damage restoration company. 

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