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Fire Damage Restoration


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Fire damage restoration is when you can get your property back and clean as if it was new after a bad fire. You have to get the service of removing smoke, ash, odor, and soot from the damaged property. 

Fire damage restoration also tries to salvage property from the remains. At least have something back. The service ensures your home is back to a safe living space. 

Fire damage repair is another fact that confuses people. It is different from fire restoration. It is not a must you include fire damage repair on the fire restoration work. After salvaging part of the property, you have to call a different contractor to handle part of the property that cannot be salvaged. 

Before the repair process starts, the restoration workers have to do smoke damage clean-up. They also have to remove any harmful contaminated things from the area. They will remove any standing water that stays back during fire suppression. In short, fire damage repair has some restoration efforts, but vice versa is not true. 

What is Done During Fire Damage Restoration?

Yes, when the fire is on your property, it leads to some damages. The firefighting process also causes a lot of damage. The firefighting team sprays thousands of liters of water on your property, not minding where the fire is. Within a few minutes, the team can cause big damage to your property. 

The fire damage restoration team will come in and a few things. They ascertain the items that can be salvaged. They find a good and safe place to store the property. It can be within the same house or outside. They will remove smoke, soot, and ash. Finally, they will restore water damage. Here is a detailed look at their work. 

  1. Salvaging items 

This is the main work with the fire restoration process. The team tries to save as much of your property as they can. They will look in the remains and see that they can salvage them. You can only remove stuff with soot and smell damage. 

They then moved to a better location. The team of experts will also find things that are beyond restoration. Such items are disposed of from the property.

  1. Removing smoke, smell, or odors 

Smoke is what says the fire is here or has been here. When firefighters finish their job, smoke stays around and sticks on most of the stuff in the house. It will bring in some unpleasant smell and requires professionals to remove it. 

The odor and soot on your things must be removed well. Or else it might create some future health problems. 

The fire restoration team has all equipment and tools that can remove smoke from the surface. This includes air handlers and dehumidifiers that bring in fresh air from outside. Doing so makes your house a good living space for you. 

Special tools such as thermal fogging can remove any tuff smell and odor from your property. 

Porous surfaces in your home are the hardest to remove from the odor. But thermal fogging has heated air that passes through such surfaces and neutralizes the odor.

If your fabrics and textiles have an odor, then an ozone generator can be used to remove it. 

  1. Removing soot and ash 

Soot and is what covers most of your home. It is very hard to clean soot and ash from your property. Soot can easily stick on other surfaces in your house, creating more damage. So leave the job to the professionals who can handle all this in seconds. Professionals use big industrial vacuum cleaners to remove soot. 

After removing the soot, there is still a lot of work to be done to make surfaces perfectly clean. 

  1. Restoring water damage 

Firefighters use a lot of force and pressurized water to extinguish the fire. This water seeps into your property, creating more damage. Sometimes the fire can cause a water pipe to break or burst, damaging the property. A fire damage restoration team will look for any water damage areas before looking at salvaged things. 

Qualities of a Good Fire Damage Restoration Service 

Fire damage restoration is hard and requires the best team in line to do the job. A good team will try and save most of your property and keep them in a safe place. A good team will make sure your family is safe. They also remove all harmful material from your home and ensure you do not get future health problems. 

A good fire damage restoration company must be licensed to do the job well. Look for certified fire workers in your place, and they will do the best job for you. You should also look for an experienced set of companies. Look at the number of years they have been doing this job. Finally, consider their tools and equipment, which means they are capable. 

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