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Fire Damage Statistics


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Over the last few years, fire injuries have been slowly reducing because of the good technology and improved building structure. But the fire property damage is continuing to rise every day. Research shows that every 93 seconds fire damage occurs in America. Fire departments say that they receive a call about fire damage every 23 seconds. 

Be it a car fire or wildfire it is still property damage. The fire damage has improved since 1790, but it is still bad for many people. Structural fires are the common type of fires to happen. This type of fire consumes billions of properties in America today. 

Fire Rates in America 

Many Americans nowadays know the threat of fire, but it still consumes many lives. The NFPA gave out some statistics in 2019 showing that 37% of fires are related to structural fires. These fires can cause property damage of up to $12.3 billion. These structural fires can also cause deaths. 65% of families in America have fire-related deaths as of now. 

Apartment fires cause 10% of fire injuries. And big fire departments say they receive structural fire call every 65 seconds. Residential property is the biggest with structural fire. For example, in 2019, 75% of structural fires were from residential buildings. This is why NFPA puts residential fires into two classes. These are family homes and apartment buildings. 

Statistics show that from 2018 to 2019, residential fires have reduced by 7%. This is good because it is 52% lower than in 1980. The number of deaths also decreased by 43% in apartment buildings. Apart from residential buildings, other property fires also occur but are not as frequent as residential ones. 

In 2019, the NFPA reported that 22,000 fires were non-residential structural fires. The same year had 100 deaths and about 500 injuries from these non-residential structural fires. This type of fire has been decreasing every year, which is good. 

When you hear nonresidential property, it is just commercial buildings like stores and offices. Schools and hospitals fall under the same category. 

Main Fire Damage Causes 

NFPA says there are three main causes of fire in America. These are cooking, burning candles, and malfunctioning electrical tools. Home fires are the main fires with these sources. 

  1. Cooking fires 

Cooking accidents have the deadliest fires in America. It is also the most expensive type of fire and can consume over 172,000 structures in a year. NFPA says that home cooking fires have caused over $1 billion in property damage every year. Cooktops are the main source of home cooking fires; they sum up to 61% of cooking fires. 

Ovens and cooktops have to lead to 87% of fire deaths and 78% of injuries. NFPA says electric stoves are at greater risk of starting fires than gas options. 

Do not try unattended cooking because it is the main starter of fires. 

  1. Home candle fires 

Candles sum up 2% of home fires between 2014 and 2018. This is a bad situation because it is almost 21 fires in one day. Candles can also cause up to 677 fire injuries and 81 civilian fire deaths. 

Research shows that almost 60% of candle fires are due to a combustible material being too close to the candle. Keep flammable materials like curtains and mattresses away from a burning candle. 

  1. Electrical fires

These fires were responsible for about 13% of fires between 2012 and 2016 in 40% of America. 

Some household appliances may malfunction, causing big household electrical fires. NFPA says that electric fires cause 18% of fire deaths. This type of fire has still caused 20% of property damage. 

  1. Lightning fires 

NFPA reported 22,600 fires caused by lightning between 2007 and 2011. These fires are usually outdoor but create a big mess. This fire can still cause property damage and deaths. 

Statistics show that 9 people die due to lightning fires each year. It can also cause almost 53 injuries in a year. 

Losses Caused by Fire Damage 

Property damage and injuries are the biggest losses you can get from fire damage. However, many preventive measures have been kept in place to handle fire damage, but the cost is still too high. Maintaining the smoke alarms and other fire safety equipment is important. 

Injuries and loss of life have decreased by almost 47%. Residential fires cause about 75% of all fires.

Structure fires are still the biggest type of fire in America, considering that structure fires cost the government about $328 billion. 

The good news is that you can get fire damage repair professionals and they will restore your property to its original condition. They will do the job quickly and efficiently, and the cost will depend on the extent of fire damage. 

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