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Fire damage will mostly lead to the destruction of property to a great extend. Besides damaging your property, there is also a great risk to your health. Once you understand the risks involved plus the causes of fire damage, it is easy to find the right way of preventing fire damage in the future. Also, learn about how professional restoration is crucial for fire damage. 

Risks of Fire Damage

It is estimated that building fires often cause thousands of deaths each year in the US. Also, such damage will still lead to a loss of $9 billion in property value. You can easily see how much damage you may have to deal with when there is fire damage. 

Fires will generally threaten your life and additional risks to your health. An example is that smoke and soot can be hard on your lungs. Sometimes people end up with respiratory issues due to fire damage. 

Additional risks include difficulty breathing, heart disease, stroke, and cancer. This will happen if you have had constant exposure to fire damage. 

Some people end up with irritated eyes and skin. This would then be followed by persistent itchiness that does not heal with ease. 

Causes of Fire Damage 

Property fires are mostly a result of many things. Some would include the cooking appliances, while the heating appliances are culprits at times too. We cannot rule out arson as a cause of fire damage. However, this does not happen all the time. 

Below are the common causes of fire damage.

  • Cooking appliances. Sometimes these appliances are left unattended, leading to fire outbreaks. It can also be due to improper use of the appliances that cause the damage. 
  • Smoking. This is one thing that is responsible for starting thousands of fires. If people were careful with smoking, most fires are preventable. You are advised to have a deep ashtray or always smoke outdoors. 
  • We cannot forget about electrical fires. This is when an electric device fails and leads to a fire outbreak. You may notice that such fires originate in the attic, wall, or bedroom where the wires pass through. 

Some fire damages occur without warning. This includes electrical fires. So, have a technician inspect the wires and replace them where necessary to avoid any problems. 

How to Respond to Fire Damage 

Most people often feel like they have lost a lot in fire damage. However, how you respond to an outbreak can determine how well you can survive too. Here are ideas to get you going. 

  • The first step is keeping yourself safe in the event of a fire. Sometimes you may feel like dashing in to save something, but that is not worth it. Stay far from the scene as much as possible. 
  • Let your family know that there has been fire damage but you are fine. They may have to find a place to stay for the restoration period, but it is safer that way. 
  • Talk to your insurance agent. If you had insured the property against fire, then the insurance company needs to be notified to start the claim process. 
  • Get the right company to do a clean restoration. A fire damage restoration company is what you need. Go for the trusted leaders in the business. 
  • Always take care of your health. In case you are not feeling fine after fire damage, it is okay to seek medical attention to ensure everything is good. 

Restoration Process after Fire Damage

When you hire a professional, this process would generally be fast and enjoyable to watch the transformation. The restoration process goes through such steps mentioned below. 

  • Determining if your home is safe. This includes assessing what the fire damage has destroyed. Sometimes the fire damage might lead to structural damage of the house and other hazards too. 
  • Air movers and scrubbers are mostly used to clean the soot and any other debris from the air to minimize damage from the fire outbreak. Also, you will now have improved air quality in the house. 
  • Removal of personal belongings is advised. If such survived, there is no need to throw them when they can be salvaged. Furniture might also prove a challenge cleaning, especially when it got soaked by firefighters trying to put out the fire. 
  • Firefighting can also lead to possible water damage if the water is not cleared in good time. This includes water in carpets, subflooring, walls, framing, and more. Specialized equipment is mostly used for water removal. 
  • Deep cleaning is also used as part of the restoration process. You may have to include shampoos together with stain removers to keep your home clean once again. 

Preventing Fire Damage 

You may be surprised that some causes of fire damage are preventable. These house fires would be mostly caused by negligence, while others are accidental. Whichever the case, you are always advised not to leave a fire hazard potential device unattended. 

We also recommend installing alarms to help you know when there is a fire. Smoke alarms would be a popular choice. 

Get help from a professional fire damage restoration company, and you will have your home looking great once again. 

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