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Hardwood Floor Water Damage


Water damage can be devastating but quick action will help you minimize the damage to your home. With the help of a professional, start the water restoration process immediately to reduce the impact on your home, family and life. Are you experiencing a home damage emergency? Get Water Damage Help Now

Hardwood floors just look beautiful. You may often find people considering such floors as they are quite durable. As much as the floor would be durable, water damage can easily take away your favorite floor type. 

Hardwood floors that are often exposed to moisture may easily get damaged. Most would start by warping, bowing, or bending. This makes it hard to walk on the floor. Others can start to develop mildew and mold. These are dangerous developments that can also affect your health. 

Potential Causes of Hardwood Floor Water Damage

The most notorious causes of hardwood floor water damage include dealing with plumbing leaks. An example is when a pipe bursts, thus leading to accidental flooding in the house. The water should be removed fast to avoid dealing with water damage that can be avoided. 

The HVAC systems may also leak. This is due to their radiators being worn out or punctured. Take the system to an expert to handle the repairs. 

Most of these leaks would happen in homes with older pipes. So, when pipes get older, you should replace them as soon as possible. Let there be a proper home inspection to identify those old pipes before they can cause disaster. 

Foundation damage may also let more water into the house. As you can see, the first place that would be affected is the floor. Ensure that if there are any foundation leaks and damages, they should be repaired as soon as possible. 

Signs to Watch Out For

So, how would you tell there is water damage to the hardwood floor? Here are some ideas;

  1. Fading and discoloration 

Water damage will always leave a surface with discoloration or fading too. The floors might start to have a dark or black coloring that might not have been there before. 

This type of staining is due to the minerals found in water, rust in the nails, and mold growth too. 

  1. Buckling, cupping, and warping 

Warping is still common, and the extent depends on how much water the hardwood floor has absorbed. When the floorboards absorb water, they will warp, leading to uneven floors. 

When multiple floors have raised edges, then they can buckle or cup. 

Buckling generally occurs if you cannot address the issue fast enough. Most hardwood floors do not buckle easily unless something is wrong with the floor. 

  1. Swelling and bulging 

The damaged hardwood floor might start to swell or bulge. This is due to the pressure coming from underneath. When the repairs are not done in good time, the floor might eventually break. 

Repair Costs for Hardwood Floor Water Damage

Repairing the damaged hardwood floor will mostly depend on how bad the damage is. Sometimes you may need to remove all the flooring and replace it with a newer floor. However, if you can address the issuer sooner, then only a small section might need replacing. 

Homeowners save a lot of money when they opt for choosing professionals in water damage restoration to do the repairs. As much as some of the tasks can be done easily by yourself, at times, you need an expert to do the repairs properly. 

The professionals would also have the vital tools to handle the repairs smoothly. An example is the use of industrial dehumidifiers and sanding machines. Such ensure that all the excess moisture is removed and the floor is properly dried out. 

How about the cost? The cost mostly depends on what type of job needs to be done. Here are a few examples;

  • Replacing the floor completely will range from $2000 to $7000
  • Water damage repair only ranges from $1000 to $3000
  • Wood floorboard repair ranges from $300 to $1500
  • Refinishing the wood floorboard will range as from $200 to $2000

Do not let the water damage overwhelm you when a professional can handle it. A professional would also handle the project faster and in a shorter timeframe. 

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