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How is Soot and Smoke Restoration Done After Fire Damage?


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Soot and smoke will be the things to deal with after fire damage. What is important is that you handle it right and fast before they can do more damage to your home. 

Soot and smoke will mostly deteriorate the furniture, clothes, and other things around the house. A good example is how smoke would make the walls turn yellow within just a few days. The worst is when you get soot into the furniture fabric or clothes. Cleaning is not easy. 

Soot has also been known to corrode electrical components of different devices. It is now easy to see how you may have to consult more people for repairs after fire damage. 

Restoration from Soot and Smoke Damage

Fire restoration might be one of the most expensive, but sometimes it does not have to be. If the extent of the damage is not too much, there are a few things you can do before the restoration company comes in. Try to put out the source of fire if possible to minimize smoke from spreading into the whole house as an example. 

Here are some of the processes that would go into restoring your home from soot and smoke damage. 

  • Soot damage 

The restoration company will start by removing the soot on the floor and many other affected regions of a room or home. The professionals at this point would be wearing protective gear and will use a smoke vacuum to remove as much loose soot as possible. 

Protective gear is very important as soot is dangerous to your lungs. The process should also not be rushed as it might lead to soot spreading. 

The walls would also be inspected for any soot particles. In case there are any particles, they will be vacuumed. There will be no soot particles by the time the company is done with the restoration process. 

  • Smoke damage 

Smoke also has to be removed as part of the restoration process. It can involve removing smoke from the walls, ceilings, windows, and more surfaces. This process is mostly done with a chemical sponge or dry-cleaning methods. 

Smoke damage restoration is a delicate process. It always has to be done gently and also only on dry surfaces. 

Once all the smoke has been removed, the company can now perform a wet cleanup procedure. First, it would be cleaning with a proper cleaning solution. Most of them will use thinners, vinegar, and other cleaning solutions to improve the look of the surface after cleaning. 

Sometimes a degreaser can also be used. This is where you get to scrub off the oil-soluble soot and smoke. The areas are then rinsed in hot water to help in keeping them clean from other particles too. 

Wood Restoration 

Soot and smoke can affect wood surfaces. The worst is when you have unfinished wood in the house. This is because the smoke and soot can get into the wood grains making it hard to clean them off. Ensure that the smoke and soot are cleared first before applying a sealant to the wood. 

Finished wood is commonly preferred because it comes with a protective layer. As such, you can always have an easier time restoring such wood. All that is needed is stripping the affected layer, sanding it, and refinishing the wood. 

Carpet and Furniture Cleaning 

Yes, soot will also affect your carpet or furniture. The worst is when soot is embedded deep in the fabric of your carpet or furniture. There is a need to use proper tools and solutions to remove soot in such cases. If left uncleaned, you may notice some smell in the carpet or furniture. 

Carpets might not always be saved at times. If it cannot be salvaged, then you can just replace it. Only consider replacing the carpet in case you cannot remove the odor. 

Electronics Damage 

Smoke and soot may also lead to corrosion of the electronic component. Most electronics are expensive and getting the components is hard. So, you should try to salvage them as soon as possible before it becomes clear you cannot repair them. 

Make sure you only work with professionals who understand the type of electronic you have to avoid any further damage to the device. 

When you work with a professional will always leave you with a cleaner home and also a better environment for your health.

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