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Hurricane Damage


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Hurricanes refer to the strong, rotating storms that bring heavy winds and rain with them. They can cause severe damages to buildings in an area. They come from the oceans, where they gain strength from the warm ocean air. 

Hurricane Katrina is a good example of how catastrophic these winds are. In 2005, it caused over 1800 deaths plus damages worth $161 billion. It took several years for the affected city to recover completely.

Damages Caused by Hurricanes

  1. Roof Damage

Hurricanes are strong and thus blow away the boards, insulation, and shingles off the roofs. Your home becomes exposed to the outside weather elements. Mild roof damages may cause frequent leaks in homes, while severe damages leave a large hole in the house.

Roof damages by hurricanes should be repaired immediately. This will help avoid further damage to the building’s interior. Mold, bacteria, wet weather, and pests can show how stressful roof damage is. Y

ou can prevent some of the roof damages by having a proper maintenance plan for the roof. Repair the broken shingles and replace any aging roof materials.

  1. Broken Doors and Windows

Even with the best storm preparations, you always find broken doors and windows. This is because the hurricane hurls loose branches and objects onto windows and doors. 

The broken doors and windows also make people inside buildings vulnerable to damage by hurling objects. Pests, wind, and water also enter your house through the broken doors and windows. 

Proper safety measures should be taken if you live in a hurricane-prone area. For instance, Miami, New York, and North Carolina in the US. Wooden boards and storm shutters can help prevent damage by storms on windows. 

Secure the windows and doors when there is a storm coming. Also, weak spots on doors and windows should be reinforced.

  1. Flooding and Water Damage

After a hurricane, you would expect flooding and water damage. This is common for houses with roof, window, and door damages. The water seeps into the building, causing impact and long-term damages to the structure and belongings. 

Floodwater may also carry some contaminants, which are a danger to human health. Stay out of the floodwater and clean yourself thoroughly after coming in contact with it. 

The flooding can be prevented by reinforcing doors, windows, and roofs. Cracks on the foundation should be sealed and a sump pump installed. Try also building above the recommended sea and flood level. 

Restoration Process for Hurricane Damage

Hurricanes have catastrophic aftermaths, and thus is important to start the restoration process almost immediately. This will help minimize damage to the home. You should hire experts to help you restore your building. They will take the following procedure for a proper and secure restoration.

  1. Safety

It is important to ensure you and your family members are safe first. Before leaving the house, you have to confirm if it is safe outside with the local authorities. Look out for broken glasses, downed power lines, and standing water. Just be careful and be keen to spot other hazards that can harm you.

  1. Calling a Storm Damage Restoration Company

This next step should be done as soon as possible. The hurricane affects many homes in one area. You may want to for the best and most experienced if you want a proper job done. Other professionals may be forced to come in depending on the damage level. They may include electricians, roofers, or plumbers. Keep tabs with the restoration company to ensure the job is done the way you want it. 

  1. Insurance Preparation

Documentation for the insurance company is done while waiting for the restoration team to start their job. You should take some photos to show the damage to your home. Write down everything that has been damaged. Calling the insurance company will help confirm the coverage policies. 

  1. Home Repair and Restoration

After the restoration company has assessed the damages in your home, they can decide on the way forward. The experts will make sure the home returns to its original state. The professionals will also give estimates and costs of the home repair. You and your family will be asked to vacate the building for safety during this stage. 

How to Prevent Hurricane Damage

Protecting the house involves curbing the damaging effects before the hurricane happens. Here are actions that you can take to minimize the storm damage;

  • Secure house, gate, and garage doors
  • Installing board up windows and storm shutters
  • Clear out the drains and gutters
  • Trim shrubs and trees
  • Outdoor furniture being taken inside
  • Move the cars away from power lines and trees

Keeping up with the building codes will also help set up a strong house to resist hurricanes. When planning for a home’s renovation process, keep in mind flooding and hurricanes. The adjustments can help protect your home, you, and your family members. 

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