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Mold Statistics


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Mold causes a lot of property damage in America. Apart from that, it also causes many respiratory infections. Research shows there is an increased rate of bronchitis, a low immune system, and allergic reactions. In general, mold can greatly affect the economy because a lot of funds are used to correct mold damage. 

Indoor Mold Growth 

There is an increased rate of mold growth in the US, especially indoor mold. Water damage is the starting point for mold growth. The low humidity and dampness accelerate mold growth. 

WHO claims 50% of homes in the US are affected by dampness and water damage. At this rate, mold can attack both residential and commercial buildings. 

Also, buildings with low heating and ventilation are vulnerable to mold growth. This is about 45 million homes that can have mold in America. 

WHO also says 30% of homes in the world can have mold. That is quite a huge number.

Mildew and mold can look the same, but they are different in some aspects. Starting from the color, mold can be black or green, while mildew is always whitish. 

Mildew matures slowly and is easy to remove; simply wipe the surface with a sponge and water. Mold is dangerous to your health, while mildew is somehow not dangerous. 

Mold and How it Causes Health Effects 

The black mold, also known as Stachybotrys Chartarum, is the most dangerous type of mold. This is because it produces mycotoxins that can affect the respiratory system of both humans and pets. It matures faster than other types of mold and causes air pollution in your home with the spores it releases. 

According to research, mold causes a stuffy nose, itchy eyes, asthmatic reactions, and allergic reactions. These health issues are considered to be very serious if not controlled early enough. Having a comprehensive look at some of the health issues. 


EPA states that almost 4.6 million cases of asthma are caused by mold pollution. WHO agrees with this fact and states that almost 21% of people who suffer from asthma are directly linked to mold. 

Dampness is the first suspect for all these problems. An asthmatic person living in a home full of mold is vulnerable to the attack at any time. Remove mold from your home, and asthma signs and symptoms will reduce by about 45%. 

Asthma is a serious health condition that makes the airways swell or inflame. You will see more mucus and sinuses in an asthmatic person. Asthmatic people struggle to breathe, and you will see them trying to catch their breath. 


People with allergies are very vulnerable to indoor mold and other fungal infections. Mayo Clinic in 1999 concluded that 96% of allergies are directly caused by mold pollution in a home. 

Long-time exposure to mold can cause bad allergies. The biggest allergic reaction signs are hives, cough, and watery eyes. This is when the immune system overreacts to outside particles. 

Mold can worsen other respiratory infections that weaken the lungs like COVID-19. Such conditions do not go well with mold spores in your house. You can even develop Aspergillosis, which is the sensitive reaction towards Aspergillus mold. 

Sometimes these mold spores can go and grow inside your lungs. 

Impact and Losses Caused by Mold 

Yes, mold has an economic and social impact on daily lives. Research shows that mold can cost the US economy over $5.6 billion per year. And asthma is the worst and can cost the government $16.8 billion per year. These figures are big because most of the expenses are from healthcare expenses by the government. 

These expenses have made the government look at mold as a big public issue that must be solved. 

Mold is also a social issue because it will make people living in mold-infested homes to have a stigma. This might lead to stress issues in many homes. 

Research also shows that mold has accelerated almost 30% of asthma deaths in the world. 

From all of the information, you can see that mold has bad side effects. So you need to get a professional mold remover near you to help. The best thing to do is early detection and control it before it spreads. 

Water damage has been noted to be the biggest cause of indoor mold. Always check for leaks and dampness in your home. 

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