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Structural Damage


Water damage can be devastating but quick action will help you minimize the damage to your home. With the help of a professional, start the water restoration process immediately to reduce the impact on your home, family and life. Are you experiencing a home damage emergency? Get Water Damage Help Now

Structural damage is the worst damage you can ever experience. This type of damage can easily affect the integrity of your home, especially for the walls and the roof too. 

Load-bearing walls are vital for your home’s overall structure. However, when there is structural damage due to water infiltration, you end up with a house that might even fall. It is always recommended to take measures to prevent structural damage. 

When you start noticing that your windows and doors are not closing like they used to, then there might be structural damage. You may want an expert to investigate it further. Some additional things to watch out for include; 

  • Possible wet insulation 
  • Having cracks in the wooden structure
  • There are cracks in the foundation 
  • Rust keeps seeping out of the cracks and more

Causes of Home Structural Damages

Structural damage to your house is likely to be linked to water damage. If the roof is damaged and there is heavy rainfall, you should easily note that there will be additional structural damage to your house. 

Other than water damage, strong winds can also make things worse. Such winds may destroy a roof that would have been salvaged. As such, you should always have your home restored to the proper building code. 

If you ever notice a leaky pipe, you should always take it seriously. The last thing you need is flooding your home when you could have avoided it.

Structural Damage Signs 

One of the most notable signs would be spotting possible water damage on the structure. Water spots coupled with stains on the ceiling, drywall, and walls also suggest structural damage. 

When the drywall is sagging or bulging, there is water behind it. It could be broken pipes filling the drywall with water. When you cannot repair the drywall in good time, you should expect it to break, leading to costly repairs. 

Types of Structural Damage

  1. Foundation water damage 

Anyone can see that foundation water damage can be quite scary to think of right now. It is worth noting how not all foundation water damage scenarios can lead to structural damage. However, when it is ignored long enough, you may find that the house structure is also affected. 

  1. Roof water damage 

A roof water damage is quite expensive to handle. Sometimes you may have to replace the whole roof if it is a structural issue. When there is roof water damage, you may notice rusty and damaged roof flashings, cracks in the roof, and mold on the wood shingles or shakes. 

Mold is not a good thing to have in your house because of the possible health issues that come with it. Also, the rafters may rot and soften, meaning your roof can even collapse. 

Roof water damage may also expose electrical wires to water. The worst part is that such can lead to electrocution sometimes or sparks. 

  1. Wood water damage 

Wood being exposed to water is never a good idea. It is even worse when the wood does not have proper sealants applied. 

Wood water damage leaves you with moldy and musty wood structures in the house. The rot also weakens the wood structures and might easily break over time. 

Major flooding can be a big contributor to having wood water damage. It could be due to heavy rains, and there are also clogged drainage systems. So, watch out for brittle or soft wood that has no business being brittle. 

Structural Damage Repair

Structural damage might be one thing you should never delay addressing. It is best to start working on it when it is still in the initial stages to save you more on the repairs. 

You can use structural contractors and engineers to assess the damage and propose the right way to restore your home. A professional structural damage company would have engineers make the whole process easy and simple. 

A good company will also give you pointers on what you should do to avoid any possible damage in the future.v

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