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Wind Damage


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Wind damage is a real phenomenon that can make you lose your property and endanger your family. Any homeowner must be ready to handle wind damage, especially if you stay in an area prone to such conditions. Wind damage can be said to be a super-strong thunderstorm or windstorm. It can also include tornadoes and hurricanes. 

Windstorms are the main type of wind damage that normally goes in hand with rainfall. The threat of wind depends on the speed of the wind. So the higher the wind speed, the higher the chance your property is vulnerable to storm damage. Statistics show that; 

  • 25 to 39 mph speed of wind can pose a moderate threat 
  • 40 to 57 mph speed of wind can pose a high threat 
  • 58 mph and above pose an extreme threat 

Windstorms can happen anywhere in America, but thunderstorms are experienced in a few states. Straight-line winds cause thunderstorms, and they can cause big damage to your property. Straight-line winds pass 50 mph and can go over a big region. 

What Wind Damage Can Do 

Wind damage poses a lot of risks to human and animal life. They can uproot anything they find on their path, including house roofs and furniture. Below are some of the risks you can encounter with wind damage. 

  1. Property damage 

Wind storms can create big property damage. Roofs are the main parts of property damage caused by windstorms. The first place that the wind hits are the roof. With the high impact, it can carry the roof several miles away. The wind can also throw the roof on another, causing big property damage. 

Windows and doors are other parts of property damage that are vulnerable to windstorms. Glass can easily shatter when exposed to high-speed winds. This is why you must close down all windows and doors during a rainstorm or a windstorm. Other outdoor structures are also vulnerable to windstorms. Your outdoor property can be easily carried away. 

  1. Health and safety 

Always stay indoors during wind storms. High-speed winds can be dangerous to human life, including animal life. The high speed will make you unable to breathe properly; hence you can easily suffocate. When you are outdoors during a windstorm, you are at high risk of injuries from all the flying objects. 

Your safety is at risk during windstorms. For example, windstorms cause a power outage for several days, and thieves can take advantage of this situation. Also, fallen power lines put you at a high risk of electrocution. Power outages go in hand with low temperatures, leading to health problems. 

  1. Financial loss 

After the windstorm has passed, you can see the financial loss you have incurred. The property damage it has caused will be expensive to repair. Even when you have windstorm insurance, it will be a financial loss to the insurance company from the many claims happening at once. 

Wind Damage Restoration and Clean Up 

This is a long process that can take days to months. You have to make your property to be a safe living space again for all people. Here are the steps you have to follow;

Step 1: is everybody safe? 

You must remain indoors until the local authority says it is time to go outside. The area is not safe even after the storm. There can be fallen electric lines that you have to take caution. Report any danger you can spot to the local authority, like fallen power lines. You can also clean up broken glasses and fallen branches. 

Step 2: what is the damage 

Now it is time to look for the damage caused by the windstorm. Prepare your insurance claim by taking photos and recording down all destruction caused by the storm. After that, call the insurance company for claims. 

Step 3. Contact windstorm damage restoration experts 

You can do the restoration by yourself, but it is good to allow the professionals to do their work. The experts will complete the work quickly and leave your home looking good. They will also look for other damages like water damage to prevent future problems with mold. 

How to Prevent Wind Damage 

A windstorm is a natural phenomenon that cannot be stopped, but you can do some things that will reduce the effects of the windstorm on your property. 

  1. Home maintenance 

Making sure your home is well maintained is a good way to control windstorms. Ensure your roof is reinforced with extra nails and replace any loose or missing shingles. You are advised to choose impact-resistant shingles that can withstand the force of the wind. 

  1. Landscape and yard maintenance 

This means that you should maintain the trees and shrubs around your home. This is because the windstorm can use these pieces as a weapon to destroy your home. Always trim or remove dead trees around your house. 

  1. Install storm shutters and reinforcements 

Make sure your windows and doors have protective grills and reinforcements. A safe door is a good option for your family. To add to that, ensure you power off all electronic devices during a wind storm. 

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